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Why should we reduce the amount of waste made of papers?
  • Viewed globally, more than 40% of timber is transformed to stationery products.
  • The huge needs for industrialized countries cannot be supplied by an exploitation fully compliant with FSC norms.
  • Every inhabitant of Helvetic Confederation consume annually 194kg of paper.
Source: WWF Switzerland
Why recycling papers is not a real solution?
  • Paper can only be recycled 7 times.
  • Recycled paper is made of 10 to 15% new fiber of paper.
  • Recycling waste leads an important grey energy consumption for collecting (transportation), storing, and reprocessing waste.
Sources: WWF Switzerland and ConsoGlobe
EcolAds team
  • 50 years: it is the amount of years of cumulated experience of our team in information technology, mainly in banking sector.
  • We draw on our experience in order to ensure optimum safety for your personal data.
  • We are motivated by the desire and the need to contribute to a better ecological future.
Geographic coverage
This concept doesn’t exist yet in your locality and are you interested in it?
We are continually looking for partners in order to develop our solution’s geographic coverage.
You wish to participate... contact us!
We are members of "World Alliance for efficient solutions", developed by Solar Impulse fundation.

It brings together the main actors involved in the development, funding, or promoting of products, services, processes and technologies which protect environment in an efficient manner.

Carbon compensation
Climate change leads to natural disasters which are more and more intense. We must therefore act, but how? The first priority is to reduce man-made carbon emissions.

That’s why the EcolAds solution has been built to allow carbon compensation linked to our activity emissions. This compensation includes document conception, notices sent to subscribers, and online consultation.

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