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Smart, chosen and environmental friendly advertisement
Our main goal:
  • Reduce waste coming from printed advertisements which are distributed in each post box.
  • Let publishers send you the ads you are interested in.
  • Allow neighbour communication electronically via the post box, without the need to waste paper.
This can be done easily and freely by placing our sticker NO PAPER ADVERTISEMENT on your post box and subscribing to EcolAds.
Operating principle
Your post box is associated with one (or several) email address of your home by means of our sticker NO PAPER ADVERTISEMENT. And your email address stays anonymous! No user of EcolAds platform will know your email address.
Efficiency of the reception mode
EcolAds helps using digital advertisements instead of printed papers: a single daily email at most replace all advertisements received in your post box.
Personalized choices
EcolAds lets you choose what type of advertisement you receive based on your preferences and interests. The option to receive none at all also exists.
Data security
In order to ensure the highest levels of safety for your personal data, EcolAds is committed to host computerised data in Switzerland and to cipher it following most advanced rules and technologies. Your personal data will not be transmitted to third persons. Terms of service
Terms of use of services "EcolAds"

Date of the last modification : 20 november 2018

We are looking forward to your EcolAds membership. Together, act to conserve our resources!

The services of the EcolAds platform are provided by J4Labs Ltd, located at Gordon-Bennett Road 2, 1219 Le Lignon.

These terms of use refer to our website www.ecolads.com and related services.

The use of the public part of this website is completely anonymous. Therefore, no private information gathering device (e.g. cookies) will be used.

Registration in this platform implies that you validate the conditions below. That’s why we invite you to read these few lines with the greatest attention

User rights and duties (you)

  • The services you subscribe are totally free.
  • You agree that the data requested to subscribe are used for the right functioning of the platform. These data will never be used for any other reason than EcolAds services.
  • In order to guarantee a good application of the laws in force (GPDR & LPD), the EcolAds platform guarantees you at any time the following abilities:
    • Download the integrity of your profile data.
    • Request the deletion of your profile if you no longer want to use it.
    • Request the modification of your personal data if they are wrong or incomplete.
  • Use of the EcolAds platform does not give you any intellectual property rights over the services or data you access.
  • Our services transmit links to documents or websites of announcers. However, these contents are the sole responsibility of the entity that published them. For this reason, you agree not to hold the EcolAds platform responsible for the documents you receive.
  • In order to ensure the proper functioning of the EcolAds services, you declare that the emails you will receive from the platform will not be marked as "spam". At any time, EcolAds gives you the right to unsubscribe if you are not satisfied with our services.
  • By using our website, you agree that its content is provided "as its state is" and "according to its availability".

Provider rights and duties (us)

  • The protection of the private sphere of its users, as well as the protection of the data, are for J4Labs Ltd elements of the greatest importance. For this reason, we are using the best technical and organizational means available to us, in order to avoid any loss, deterioration or misuse of your personal data.
  • The data recorded on the EcolAds platform will only be used by itself and will never be sold or communicated to third parties without the prior consent of the user.
  • The statistical data communicated to the partners will always be done respecting the absolute anonymity of all its users.
  • Any change of the EcolAds platform will be communicated to its users through a summary document commonly called "Release Notes".
  • At any time, we reserve the right to delete a user account if its existence would jeopardize the right functioning of the EcolAds platform or its image.
  • We keep the right to modify these terms of use at any time. Any changes will be communicated to all users before being applied. In case of disagreement, any user has the right to unsubscribe and stop using our services.
  • We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure the reliability, accuracy and correctness of the information available on our website. However we can not offer any guarantee. Therefore, we are not responsible for the use, the results of the use of the information, or the content presented on our website in terms of accuracy, correctness and reliability. J4Labs Ltd can not be held responsible for the security of the website or for any technical problem whatsoever, nor for the loss or corruption of documents, contents or data.

The EcolAds team, in behalf of J4Labs Ltd

You have a sticker NO PAPER ADVERTISEMENT and you want to subscribe?
How it works (3 simple steps) :
  • Paste the sticker on your post box.
  • Scan the QR code (the square barcode) with your smartphone for example, it helps you connect on our website.
    Access to the account registration page with this URL and input manually your sticker’s code.
  • Follow the instructions on the website.
You just have to scan the QR code of the sticker fixed on your recipient’s post box, that is to say, to scan the QR code of this sticker (see next question for more information about this subject), and then follow the instructions which will be displayed from the www.ecolads.com website.
You do not have a sticker yet?
For now it is not possible to subscribe without a sticker. You can find your sticker at one of our partners.

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